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Steps to Set Up your Cisco Router

Steps to Set Up your Cisco Router

How to Setup Cisco Router

Setup Cisco Router: Installing any router is somehow easy if you know the process and have basic knowledge about the installation of setting a home routerCisco Router and Cisco Internetworking Operating System (iOS) is also simple and not complicated even to the one who doesn’t have much knowledge about routers in general.

Although setting up a router is easy, but you can get into some little issues while installing a home router. So I would suggest you read this article carefully because I have shown you the guide on how you can set up Cisco Router.

In this article, I will show you to install Cisco 831, 836, 800, 837, 851, 857, 871, 876, 877, SB11, SB 106, SB 107 and SB100 model routers with the wireless capabilities.

What gear do you need to install Cisco Router?

  1. Full Power supply assembled, Two Ethernet Interface which will be the iOS 12.1 or later and also the Cisco router.
  2. A Computer with an Ethernet card and DB-9 serial port.
  3. DB-9 Serial connector and the Cisco Router console.
  4. Router Antennas for the essential wireless 851, 857, 871, 876 or 877 routers.

Wireless 806, 836, 851 and 871 router is the best for home and office setup. Cisco Routers are one of the leading router providers, and I will tell you the guide to Setup Cisco Router a Cisco associated setup for your home Wi-Fi setup. with used cisco equipment.

Before telling you about how you can install the Cisco Router let me give you a brief about the software called Cisco Configuration Professional software.

Cisco Configuration Professional

This software will give you all the options and other things for configuring your router. This software is your administrative page for Cisco router and it provides all the basic features to manipulate the settings of your router.

If you go to the homepage, you will see the community view where you can add more community by adding the IP address, the username of the router. There are other options like going to Configure or Monitor which has their features and functions for your Cisco router.

How to install a Cisco router?

Now read the steps and guide carefully for the initial setup for your Cisco router.

  1. You have to download the latest Cisco router management software. You can download this software from the Cisco Software Centre. Note – You need to be a registered customer to Download Cisco Router Management software so register on the official website of Cisco software center.
  2. Open your browser and go to
  3. You can find the software in the CCP page of Cisco website.
  4. Download and install Cisco router management software.
  5. Now launch the software by going to start > Programs > Cisco Configuration Professional.
  6. Go to Community option and configure your router device.
  7. You can go to discover, and windows will show up where you have to type your IP Address, username and password so that you can configure your router.
  8. Cisco Configuration Professional will locate and install your preferred device.

Final words

So, this was the complete guide about setting up a Cisco router. Here we tried to explain in the best possible manner so that you do not have any confusion while installing your cisco router.