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Steps to access/login to your router IP Address administrator IP address or Internet Protocol is a unique string of numbers which are separated by intervals and these identifies each computer using the designated protocols of the internet to communicate over a network either private or public. There is basically two Type of IP addresses. One is public and other is private. Each computer has an IP address assigned to it by the internet service provider. And this IP address is unique across the entire Internet. These addresses are public. But the routers have a private IP address allowed to it only on a private network. It need not be unique all across the internet because it can be just accessed within the private network and not globally. So, internet IP address is a private IP address and is the default for some of the home broadband routers such as Netgear and D-Link routers. It is used by these broadband providers to set up their default gateway.

What does your IP address signify on the internet?

As it has become the need of the hour and every home and every office has the facility of the internet. Unless we are connected to the internet we don’t feel like we are actually living a modern life. So, connecting to the home Wi-Fi and then using the default gateway of the router to login to the IP address to access the router setting and connection information. This knowledge has become necessary for maintenance and getting access to the home broadband network. To know how we are able to access the internet, just try to understand this cycle.

With the help of a router, it provides a private network over which devices can connect to each other locally and can be accessed just within this private network only. No device outside this private network can get access to the devices connected to this network. So the network that your device first connects is the router network which is private and local. It need not have a unique IP address. This network for the Netgear and D-Link routers is the router then establishes a connection to the Internet Service Provider which connects to the whole of the internet. This is how the network is established. And the final network IP address is a public address is public and thus it is unique for everyone.

So, as we now know what actually an IP address, what are its types, and what does signifies and how the network is established. Let us now take a quick look at how to login to your local router gateway and manage stuff related to your router and settings. You can enter this address ( in your web browser to access the router settings.

But since these are the private network so you need to login to this gateway using the unique username and password assigned to you by your internet service provider. This is an administrator setting page and everything about your home broadband router can be accessed and changed and accessed in this way. You need not an active internet connection, just a local connection to your router. This is so because accessing to your local network is a private connection and it is not connected to the internet globally. So, an active internet connection is not mandatory.

Steps to access/login to your router IP Address administrator

  • First, connect to your router’s private connection. Once the connection is established with your router you are good to go.
  • Now open the web browser on your laptop. In the address bar, type And press enter.
  • The router administrator window will open up. In here you will need to log in with your unique username and password assigned to you. You should have knowledge about this, if not then contact your Internet Service Provider.
  • Enter the required credentials to log in to the wizard for administrator settings and setup.
  • Once your credentials are verified you will be logged into the router setting as administrator.

Final Words

This is a short knowledge about your router and the IP address that is associated with it. The process to login to the administrator setting. This is very basic and everyone should know this much. This knowledge comes very handy many times.