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How to Reset a Router?

How to Reset a Router?

Reset Router: As we all know about Wi-Fi and its popularity these days. It has gained popularity over Broadband. Now, there are many ways to create Wi-Fi hotspots, and one of them is the Router.

There are many other options too to generate Wi-Fi Hotspot. We all are having smartphones these days, and we all know how to access mobile hotspot and all. Now, all data cards are available with Wi-Fi hotspot feature. You can easily run the internet on Laptop and other devices simultaneously. You don’t need any wire to run the internet. That’s why Wi-Fi has gained popularity. You can create Hotspots using laptops too. Wi-Fi is coming to all devices nowadays. It is wireless, and it is portable just like your cellular connection up to some range.

Now let’s get back to the router. First, let’s understand what it is, and for what, it is used for. The router is basically a device that is used to spread Wi-Fi signals in some range in a particular area. It is basically used to convert LAN connection into Wi-Fi. Previously when we took LAN connection, there used to be a wire that we could plug in our Laptop or PC to run the internet. But now, we get a router too with LAN connection so that we can run the internet on all our Wi-Fi compatible devices without inserting any wire. The router has LAN ports behind it, and one of them is for Wi-Fi. It means if we insert LAN wire connector into that port, we can run Wi-Fi through the router.

How to Reset a Router?

Now, the router has several settings. When we brought a new router, we make some initial connections that are required to run the router. Then we insert LAN wire into Wi-Fi port behind the router. Then we switch to it. Then we try to connect one of our devices to Wi-Fi. After it, the setting process starts. We need to do some basic settings that are pretty easy. After that, we are asked to set up a password, and we set it up. After that, we become ready to use it.

Sometimes what happens is we forget our password. If we don’t have a password, we can’t run the internet. If this type of problem occurs when we have to reset the router. It’s not the only solution, but it is a better one. Resetting of a router means to delete all modern settings and changing them back to the default ones. There can be many cases like you have purchased the router from someone, but you for forgot to ask its password. Many others can be possible. So the solution is you have to reset the browser and reset the router to its factory data settings.

How to Reset a router password?

What do you need to change when resetting the browser?

There is a certain process of resetting the browser. It involves changes in Router’s username and password. It also required changes in Wi-Fi username and password along with ISP username and password. In some cases, you may also require changes in forwarding ports and firewall settings as well. This condition is only valid when you have initially applied this condition. So in general, you have to do work on all configuration changes that have been made to the router.

Reset a router to factory settings?

  • Resetting the browser

There is a thing called ball rolling. To active this, you need to locate the tiny reset button placed at the back of the router, and you have to press it for about 10 seconds. You can use either a pin or the end of a paper clip to press it. Once the router is reset, there will be some change in lights on the router, and it indicates that the router has been reset. After releasing, the router is reset to the default settings.

  • If you don’t know router’s internal IP address:

What you have to do is, first locate the address bar of the router and then type Internal IP address of the router and then press “Enter.” Login option will appear. Login there using your router’s default username and password. You can easily get your Router’s default username and password by typing on the internet and then entering the correct company and model number.

  • How to Reset a DLC router

In this type, if you want to do work on a DSL router then you have to request your ISP for the WAN password. This type of router is mentioned on the back of the device.


So we have studied about routers, and our main focus was on “how to reset a browser.” It is a very useful article as there can be many reasons due to which we are going to change our router’s password. There is no other way to protect our Wi-Fi rather than a password. So we must set a password. The password should be like; it should contain some alphabets, some special characters, and numbers too.

Reset a router IP address?

This type of password is tough to crack. When we forget our Wi-Fi router’s password, then one option to get the password is to reset the router. There are many other methods also to get the password, but in this article, we have talked about resetting. Resetting can be done in a number of ways, and we have discussed some of the above.

You can use the tiny reset button at the back of the router, or you can use router’s default username and password to reset your password. Any of the above can be used, and it’s completely up to you to choose one depending on which one suits you. According to me, the tiny pin method is better than others as it requires nothing more than just pressing the pin at the back of your router for 10 seconds or just waiting until light’s colour changes. Now, since you know how to reset any Wifi router, you can tweak the settings of your router as many times as you want. Rest things are completely up to you.