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How to Login to Router IP Address is a very familiar number you when it comes to IP address. These numbers are the most common IP address for home routers. Routers like Belkin and SMC have the same type of IP address. The best thing about these routers is that you can configure them accordingly to your local network preference.

Login to Router IP Address

Your router IP address is most probably, and you can log in to your router IP address by searching for your IP address number from your browser.

  • Simply type And press enter. There is a slight change in the IP address so keep that in mind it is not
  • Now after searching for the IP address number, you will get a page where you have to log in to your router configuration page. You have to enter your username and password on the administrative page. If you’re having a connection problem, it will show as “web page cannot load.”
  • There are few internet service providers which gives you the ability to type your name in the browser instead of using the IP address.

What restrictions do I face when using is a unique IP address number for personal internet connection. It is a private IPV4 network address. IPv4 means you cannot link other Router from outside of the personal network. That’s why there is much public WiFi which works on the router’s public IP address. If you want to set up two routers on a common network, then you have to set the routers with different IP addresses. You can look up to the gateway to confirm the local address.

How to change your IP Address

  1. Go to your admin console for routers specification to configure and customize your Router.
  2. The admin console provides various options like changing the address and other IP settings.

How can I reach

  • Type manually on the address bar of your browser. Don’t type the address of the main search area. After typing the IP number, I the address bar, press enter and you will get access to the administrative panel of your modem.
  • Now a prompt will show up where you can enter your username and password. If you enter your password incorrectly then you can to reset it. You have to reset your modem so that you can use the correct password when you log in again.
  • Forgetting a password can be a very annoying thing that’s why there are few options which are provided by the administration of the router to reset your password. You can change the password and use it for login to configure your router’s network.
  • Resetting password can be done with the reset button situated on the backside of your device.

Final words

So has lots of things to deal with. The configuration of your Router can be done with this IP number, and for other IP settings, you need Hence, we tried to cover these steps in the easiest possible manner. However, feel free to connect with us in the case of any doubt 🙂