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How to change your DNS address?

How to change your DNS address?

DNS Domain Name Service

DNS Address: Domain Name Server or DNS is a naming system for the devices connected to the Internet or any private network such as computers, services and other type of resources. The DNS helps in associating much information with the domain names to a particular device or services of the network. And the most important function of the DNS is to translate the domain names that are more easily memorized to the Internet Protocol (IP) address. These Internet Protocol addresses are in numerical and used to locate and identify the devices accessing within a network.

What is DNS (Domain Name Server)?

DNS is a directory service that is a very important component of the Internet, and it is promoted worldwide. The DNS is equivalent to the phone book of the Internet.All the information from the domain name servers from worldwide networks or the internet is all housed on a common platform called the Central Registry. The data from Central Registry can be accessed by the Host Company or the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get updated DNS information.

In order to understand the function of the DNS (Domain Name Server), let us assume that you type in the web address bar. And when you click enter, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will search the associated DNS with this particular domain name and translates it to the machine-friendly IP address such as is the IP address for And thus you will be directed to the correct website.

The Domain Name Server maintains the domain name hierarchy of the Internet. And thus functions as the translator between the domain name and the IP address. Whenever anyone makes a request to the domain name, the basic need is to know the location of the domain on the internet where it is located. And DNS is what provides this information to the computer.

How to change your Default DNS address?

In some case, you might want to change the default Domain Name Server (DNS) setting on your computer. Changing the default DNS address of your computer or your router can help you access the internet with a different set of Internet protocol and hence your accessing location is varied and this may help you to access certain GEO-locked websites.

Changing the default DNS address can be done in two ways, either change the DNS of the router or change the DNS address of your computer. Changing the DNS address of the router will allow you to access the internet with different DNS server for all the devices under the network but changing the DNS address of the computer will only apply to that device or computer.

DNS Of the Router

  1. using your computer or laptop, open the web browser and in the address bar, type the Default IP address of your router network.
  2. In case you are using the D-Link or Netgear router you can type in the address bar.
  3. Click the enter button or search button. The default login page to your router or Internet Service Provider. Log in using the default username and password to this page.
  4. On the router’s web interface find the DNS option on one of the menu pages. You can check each of the menus to find this option as this option varies from network to network.
  5. When you get the DNS setting option, just change the DNS address to your desired address. There are loads of such addresses available on the internet. You can change to any one of them according to your specific requirements.
  6. Once you are done with this, the change will reflect your entire network and thus to every device connected to it.
  7. Now check if the new DNS address is working correctly. If not, then you may change it or keep the original or default one.

DNS Of the computer or Laptop

  1. On your laptop running on Windows 10, find the Control Panel on the desktop screen. Click to open it.
  2. Now click on the ‘Network and Internet’ and under the ‘Network and Sharing Centre’ find the ‘View network status and tasks’ option on the screen. Click on it to open.
  3. Now on the extreme left of the screen, you will find two option. The first one ‘change adapter setting’. Click on this option and open it.
  4. Now here is a complete list of all the network connection available to your laptop. Double click on the network to which you are currently connected. And choose the properties option from the options.
  5. Now click on the ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)’ and then again select the properties.
  6. Now choose the ‘Use the following DNS server address’ option from here.
  7. And in this step enter the DNS address you wish to change to. Select ‘apply’ option to apply the setting to your laptop. Now click ‘OK’.

Wrapping it up:

So, this was all about changing your Default DNS (Domain Name Server) address. There can be multiple reasons so as to why would you want to change your DNS address. Hence, here we have covered two of the most popular and simplest methods to change your DNS address via your PC and your router.