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How to Belkin Router Setup & Belkin Modem Configuration

Belkin Router Setup

Belkin Router setup : The router is one of the necessities for everyone. In every home, you would see a router connected for a network connection. With Belkin router you can secure your network, all you would need to do is to configure it correctly. You will find settings for the router in the administration panel. Though sometimes you will find that the configuration is turning up to be tricky.


  1. First you need to unplug the modem or the router from the direct supply.
  2. Now you need an Ethernet cable to connect the WAN port of the router with your modem.
  3. Now turn ON the power to the modem and then the router by connecting it to the power source.

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How to Belkin Router setup – Easy Steps

For this you need to follow these step as these steps apply to most of the Belkin router:

  • At first, connect your PC with anyone of the Ethernet port of the router.
  • Next, you need to launch any of the web pages and then in the address bar you got to enter the IP address.
  • Then next you need to click on the Login.
  • Next click submits without adding any password.
  • Select your type of connection as Internet WAN.
  • Again click “Next”.
  • Enter the ISP details and then select the Apply changes button.

Preset Security

To get with safe start and security encryption, you can depend on the Belkin router for it as they are very good in providing network securities.

Ready, Set, Surf

It’s now easier to check when your network is ready for your use as you can see your network’s status right from your computer rather checking lights by going under the desk. All you need to do is to be ready, set and surf.

How to Change IP address?

Well, you need to follow these steps to change your IP address on Belkin router:

  1. At first, you need to modify the router’s internal IP address.
  2. Next, you have to change Subnet Mask.
  3. Default IP address is And the Subnet mask is
  4. Now the DHCP function needs to be enabled or disabled.
  5. Next starting and ending IP pool address needs to be specified.
  6. After that, a domain name is required to be specified.


Click on the Wireless tab to configure in the setup page. You can change the Wireless network name and wireless channel.

Additional Tips :

Want to connect multiple devices like smartphonesgame consoles and printers. Well, your router has the capability to do it.  Most of us have a large number of devices that are connected with the network connection, and sometimes we need a better and bigger range, well you can extend the range of your wireless network by using other networking devices from Belkin such as range extenders.


The router is one of the things without which most of us life would stop and would fall onto a speed breaker. We can’t even imagine one day without our network connection. All of our work needs to be completed on the internet nowadays. With Belkin, we are assured with a secure network connection along with encryption. You can also ensure the safety of your wireless network by enabling address filtering to block authorised access to your Wi-Fi network. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you and was of worth something. Most of the things have been covered within this article and have been elaborated where it needs to be! However, we always like to interact with our readers. Hence, if you face any confusion or difficulties while setting up your Belkin router, please connect with users via the comments section below