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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM Lens for Canon SLR Cameras

The Canon EF 100mm f28L Macro IS USM lens could be the 1st medium-telephoto macro lens to integrate Hybrid IS, a new Picture Stabilizer technology that will optimally compensate for both equally point of view digital camera tremble as well as shift digicam shake. In combination with a speck of dirt and h2o evidence framework for capturing even beneath intense circumstances, the newest lens provides a nine-blade circular aperture for beautiful, from target blurring outcomes for points of sunshine, even throughout close to variety capturing.

EF 100mm f two.8 Macro USM features fantastic diaphragm:

* Canon ultimately received it proper as well as 9 blades.
* Round to f/5.six, nonagonal from f/8 on.
* Stops right down to f/32.
* Just like al SLR lens, the particular diaphragm is never entirely symmetrical at more compact apertures. This actually is typical; this isn’t the LEICA rangefinder lens, which might be with regard to the only lens in whose diaphragms tend to be properly symmetrical whatsoever apertures.
* The EOS approach isn’t going to present the facts f/stop as centred much more intently. If employing an extra gentle resource meter – that won’t truly most likely – you will require to compensate manually for any normal mild reduction as focused a lot more carefully.

Canon calls this the CANON MACRO LENS EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM.

* EF indicates “electronic concentrate,” that means that it’s got an autofocus motor inside the lens by itself. All Canon lens considering the fact that 1987 are now EF.
* L means as high priced as L.
* IS indicates Picture Stabilization.
* USM indicates Ultra-Sonic Motor, indicating AF is almost silent.

For image superior quality, it surely significant & very helpful to get the IS for a macro lens. This is certainly made the big difference between Canon EF 100 f28 Macro with this new Canon EF100mm f28L Macro IS USM lens:

* At the same aperture (let say 3.2); the brand new 100mm two.8L IS produced better bokeh and much better contrast, colour.
* At low speed (below 1/60) – the brand new 100mm two.8L IS certainly beat the non-IS.
* A photo at 1/20s utilizing IS enable will be clearer as compared with 1/100s of the older lens (without IS).

It weighs in at about lower than you’d probably earliest expect, that often is a good factor. it’s well suited for applying much like a typical purpose telephoto, specifically if you would like to close up focus flexibleness. This Canon EF 100 is genuinely a compromise. It’s a lens best managed from the area just like a combination macro and as well as moderate telephoto.