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Best Playstation Gaming Routers

Best PlayStation gaming routers

There are millions of PlayStation users across the world. Playstation has transformed the way people play games. Almost every gamer out there has at some point owned a PlayStation. Well, most probably you are here because you do own a PlayStation and know about all its features. Now what you want to do is find the best router for your PlayStation but let’s first know why you should invest in a router for your PlayStation.

A PlayStation user should have a good wifi router because of the many features it provides. One of the most important is the access to advanced security options which is crucial as PlayStation promotes interactive gaming. It helps extend your wireless range as well so that you don’t necessarily have to sit near your wifi router the whole time. Not just that, it also allows you to control how your bandwidth is allotted. Both gaming and streaming are big bandwidth hogs, so this is one of the best features of it.

Top 10 PlayStation gaming routers of 2017:

But before buying any of these routers, make sure you have a good internet connection. If you do not have a good internet connection, you’d just be wasting your money. The job of a wifi router is not to provide you with an internet connection, but give you the best out of your internet connection.

So now let’s have a look at our top gaming routers for PlayStation that will help enhance your gaming experience and provide you with features your old ISP router doesn’t.


This is the first router in our list and definitely one of the best. This router is one of the most powerful routers out there with a 1.7GHz processor which allows you for heavy gaming and streaming. It also has four high gain antennae.


  • 1.7 Ghz dual core processor- This router has a processor which is 70% faster than most routers out in the market. A fast processor means you won’t experience any lag or buffering while gaming or streaming.
  • Four external antennas- More external antennas mean better wifi signal coverage and better signal strength.
  • MU-MIMO technology- MU-MIMO stands for multi-user MIMO. It’s basically multiple inputs and multiple-output technologies combined which allow the router to communicate with devices connected to the network. So now you can connect multiple devices without having to worry about the speed
  • Beamforming+ and QoS – Netgear r7800 sports beamforming+ technology which directs the signals to the devices connected to it instead of throwing the wifi signals in every corner. With the help of this technology, router and device communicate directly with each other, and this ensures that wifi signals are focused where they are needed. This means faster speed and excellent signal strength

And dynamic QoS automatically recognises and prioritises applications which help increase the speed of the connection for your gaming and streaming


This is one of the routers that have the capability to handle any amount of traffic. If you are a heavy gamer, this could be one of the best options for you.


  • 600MHz processor – This router boasts a super fast processor which is 25% stronger than that of most routers. This super fast processor provides you great gaming experience with no lag and can handle any amount of traffic you throw at it
  • N900, dual band (2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz) – The combined speed of both of its bands is 900Mbps (450Mbps for each band). Both of its bands work simultaneously so now you can do a lot of tasks using your wifi connections, and that wouldn’t affect the quality of your gaming experience.
  • 2 USB Ports – So, now you can share anything across your local network
  • 3 External antennas – Its three external antennae ensure that the signal strength is maintained. They also provide an outstanding wifi signal coverage of up to 450 feet which is definitely the best.


This Netgear router has all the features a real gamer might be looking for. This router has a very powerful processor of 1GHz for smooth gaming and streaming.


  • Wireless-AC 1900Mbps – The combined speed of both the dual bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) of this router is 1900Mbps (450 and 1450Mbps respectively). High speed is one this router’s best features.
  • Three external antennas – This router has three very powerful external antennae integrated which provide you with maximum coverage and signal stability. The best thing about external antennas is that you can upgrade them for a better range and coverage if needed.
  • 1GHz dual core processor – Its powerful dual-core processor of 1Ghz allows you for heavy gaming and streaming without any lag. Its processor has the best dual core processor performance amongst most top routers.
  • Two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) – Two integrated USB ports in this router let you transfer files quickly across your local network and manage it through FTP server.


This powerful wifi router allows you to play heavy PlayStation games with multiple users without any lag. This router is not just good for your PlayStation gaming, but also for streaming HD videos and easy file sharing.


  • 1.3GHz dual-core processor – Linksys wrt1900 flaunts its powerful dual-core processor as it lets you play games, stream videos and share files simultaneously without any buffering or lag. Single-core processors are not good when it comes to multitasking, so here this router provides one of the most powerful dual-core processors in its class. This will for sure enhance your performance
  • Beamforming+ technology – With the use of beamforming technology, this wireless wifi router focuses the signal onto your device to increase efficiency and performance. This enables you to enjoy high bandwidth activities without any interference
  • Four powerful external antennas – This router comes with four adjustable external antennas for better signal strength and reliable connection throughout your house. Now you can just sit at any corner of your home and access the internet with a high speed from multiple devices.
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB ports – With the help of its four Gigabit Ethernet ports, you can now transfer files ten times faster than a standard Ethernet. Its two USB ports, 2.0 and 3.0 let you share files with good ease.
  • A speed of 1.9Gbps – This router provides you with an unmatched speed of 1.9Gbps (dual bands combined) using which you can download heavy games or literally just do anything you want.


TRENDnet has stepped up its game with producing some affordable wifi routers with best features in the market. Specially designed for gaming, this router provides you with both Gigabit Ethernet and USB connectivity. A unique thing about this wifi router is that it is to be placed vertically, unlike most routers which are placed horizontally. This router is also very compact. Not just looks, this router gives you the best of features for a better gaming experience.


  • Five Gigabit Ethernet ports and two USB ports – This router has five Gigabit ports and two USB ports, 2.0 and 3.0 especially designed for gaming and better connectivity
  • Guest Network – You can create a separate guest network for your convenience
  • A high speed of 1900Mbps – This router can give you a very high speed of 1900Mbps (1300Mbps wireless-AC and 600Mbps wireless N) which is enough for gaming, streaming and downloading files simultaneously.

The only downside to this router is that it does not have external antennas which may reduce the signal strength and coverage, but overall it’s a good compact wireless router for your PlayStation.


This wifi router is a single band router which comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports and three powerful external antennas. This router also provides excellent connectivity for your network.

A splendid thing about this router is that it is one of the D-link green products. It’s an environment-friendly product, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on speed or quality of the connection.


  • Good speed- This router provides you speed fourteen times faster than its previous wireless G devices.
  • Good range- It also has a range six times farther than the previous wireless G devices.
  • QoS technology- Its integrated QoS technology analyses the traffic coming from different activities and devices and smartly puts them into different streams for better connection and signal. This lets you play your games without any lag
  • Three external antennas- Its antennas provide better coverage and are upgradable. They also ensure signal stability.
  • Four Gigabit Ethernet ports and one USB ports – Four Gigabit Ethernet ports allow you to transfer media files and libraries with great speed. You can also connect an external hard drive to its USB port.
  • Advanced security- It supports WPA and WPA2 standards for better safety and encryption. It also utilises dual active firewalls for any malicious virus attacks from the internet
  • Energy saving – This is an environment-friendly product, and it ensures that your router is put into sleep mode when not in use.

The only downside is that it has a single band of 2.4 GHz frequency, but this feature can be overlooked for all the amazing features this router has to offer.

7.    TP-LINK TL-WR1043ND v2

TP-Link has some of the top gaming routers out there. This router is a single band wireless router with three powerful external antennas which ensure good coverage and network stability. It has open-source software DD-WRT which is a customizable firmware. It has won many awards because of this feature.


  • A wireless speed of up to 450Mbps – A speed as high as this is the maximum for a single band of frequency 2.4 GHz. Now you can have an, even more, fluid gaming experience with this
  • Three powerful 5dBi external antennas – Three powerful 5dbi antennas with the latest MIMO technology ensure excellent signal quality and better coverage in every corner of your house regardless of the number of devices connected to the network. The antennas are also detachable so they can be upgraded according to your wish
  • Five Gigabit ports and 800Mbps hardware NAT – With the help of its five-gigabit ports + 800Mbps Hardware NAT, the router facilitates powerful data processing capabilities. Its 800Mbps hardware NAT lets users make the full use of their networks
  • Multi-functional USB port – Using the multi-functional USB port of this router, users can share documents, media, and other files easily and quickly from anywhere through FTP server and also print it
  • Quick security setup – Just with the push of one button, you can get secure your network with WPA standard


Netgear N750 dual band is a router which runs on dual bands simultaneously. You can connect multiple devices at one time with great ease. This is an exceptionally good router for multi-tasking. It also allows you to create a guest network.


  • Fast speed of up to 750Mbps – This router provides you with an excellent speed of up to 750Mbps (300 + 450Mbps). This speed is enough for HD quality streaming, gaming and downloading large files. Its dual-band technology provides coverage for your entire house with gigabit wired connection making it ideal for HD gaming.
  • Good range – Netgear N750 provides enough coverage for medium to large sized homes
  • Dual-band and Advanced QoS – Its dual bands run simultaneously which help reduce interference while you’re playing games or doing any other task which requires a stable network.

Its QoS technology optimises HD gaming.

  • Secure wifi connection and parental controls – Parental controls help filter the web for all the connected devices to that network. High-level security with WPA/WPA2 standard help protects your wifi network and privacy.
  • Guest network – You can create an entirely separate account for your guests. The network is not just separate, but also secure. You can also limit their access to the web
  • ReadyShareCLOUD USB Port – You can connect an external hardware drive or an USB drive to its USB port if you want to. This makes sharing very easy.

9.    ZYXEL NBG5715

This router by ZyXel is a wireless N router. It has dual band frequency of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. This wireless internet router is best suited for those seeking lightning fast connections. This router allows for multi-tasking at a great speed. It is a fairly decent wireless router for the price.


  • Dual bands (2.4 and 5 GHz) – This router comes with dual bands which run simultaneously. The 2.4ghz frequency band is used for small tasks such as net surfing and sending files. Similarly, the 5Ghz frequency band is used to perform larger tasks such as video streaming or HD gaming. The wifi router automatically connects the device to the best band available for the work. They also provide an excellent speed of 450+450 Mbps
  • Three external antennas – It’s three external antennas featuring MIMO technology help provide smooth interference-free experience to gamers. They also provide better coverage and signal stability
  • Advanced QoS technology – QoS technology helps make your gaming smoother by directing the signal into different streams for different activities
  • SmartRange technology – This wireless router features smart range technology which provides efficient coverage by directly sending the network to all the connected devices including mobile phones, laptops and gaming consoles. Your house will no more have any dead spots
  • Two built-in USB ports – You can connect an external hard drive or a printer to the network for transferring data and other media files


Buffalo’s AirStation Extreme Ac1750 is the next generation wifi router. Even though it’s last on our list, it is definitely not the least. In fact, it is one the best wifi routers you could possibly find in the market. This Gigabit dual-band wireless router provides you high speed with dual-band connectivity. It is a class apart from the traditional wifi routers at homes.


  • Next-generation wireless router (802.11ac) – 802.11ac is the latest technology for wireless routers and is up to three times faster than the previous standard of 802.11n. This enables all the devices connected to the network to stream or play heavy-duty games without any interruption
  • Dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) – This router operates on dual bands simultaneously and allows all the devices to play games, send files, stream videos all at the same time
  • Gigabit WAN and LAN – It has four inbuilt Gigabit Ethernet ports. You can connect up to four network-enabled devices to it including your PlayStation, gaming consoles or even printers if you need to. You can also send and share large media files including movies, pictures, documents across your network with maximum speed and great ease
  • Web filtering and parental control – You can now limit the access to certain things on the web
  • A high speed of up to 1750Mbps (AC1300 + N450) – A speed as high as this is perfect for heavy-duty gaming and other heavy tasks. You won’t have to suffer from any buffering or lag while gaming
  • Beamforming technology – Beamforming targets the connected devices and directs signals to them. It provides more reliable and stable wireless network for all your devices
  • Wireless security – This Router features multi-level encryption options to not allow for any unauthorised access and protect your privacy.

It also has a one-touch secure system which helps eliminate any complexity and maintains a very secure connection between all the devices connected and the router

  • High power technology – Antennas and Amplifiers of this router are supported by high power technology that optimises and boosts signal strength and provides better coverage and range.
  • Two USB ports (2.0 and 3.0) – Its two USB ports make sharing of files and documents easier than ever before.
  • Dynamic QoS – With this feature, you can prioritise your media and gaming traffic for the uninterrupted gaming experience
  • Easy setup – This router features an easy to use wizard that helps you from the beginning till the end of the configuration. It will only take a few minutes max to set up a secure wireless connection for your PlayStation

Final Words

So, this was our list of Best PlayStation gaming routers. You can pick any of these routers, and it will change your gaming for better. To make it easy for you to compare some of the best routers, we have tried to list the best features of these routers here itself. Hence, now you can compare and choose your preferred PlayStation gaming router very easily.