Tech Talk or ? : Have a device with an internet connection? Well, then it will have an IP address too! Or you say it as Internet Protocol address. An IP address is an intriguing thing of modern computer technology that allows one network device to connect and communicate with the other one. IP addresses allow the location of literally billions of digital devices that are connected to the Internet to be pinpointed and differentiated from other devices. Some of the IP addresses are public while some of them are private, is the private one and is also the default in some of the broadband routers. Mainly in the Net gear models and variations of the D-links. or ?

Are you also using the IP address, well for your note it is not the genuine one? In fact, the right one to use would be This address is generally used for your network devices like your router and alternatives. Alternative hosts within the area would use higher numbers.

This address is regarded as the fully authorized one by modern devices. You can perform all the operations that are offered to you by the software and can perform them once you log in to it. You can make adjustments like changing settings of your LAN, WAN or WLAN   or proxy, DSL ADSL, security options and much more. Managing of the network can also be done and you can also make adjustments like blocking. Managing of the network can be easily done from your home or anywhere else.

More about IP address

Some of the IP addresses are public while some of them are private, the private one and is also the default in some of the broadband routers. Mainly in the Net gear models and variations of the D-links.

While the router itself has the private IP of, it assigns any devices in its network a different, private IP address.

To avoid any sort of IP address conflict all IP address on a network are same. Remember within that network only! Other common private IP addresses used by modems and routers are used in the modems and the routers are and

You can use the Command prompt in case you don’t know your router’s IP address:

  1. Press Windows-X, this will open the power user menu, and then click Command Prompt.
  1. Enter ipconfig this will show you all the computer’s connection list of yours.
  2. After this you will find the “Default Gateway” that will be under “Local Area Connection” section. Now you can see your router’s IP address.

How can I enter the address of

Well for that you need to get access to the control panel of your wireless router operation, first, you would need to enter this address in URL address of your browser. Then you will be asked to enter your username and your password.

Forgot your password and username?

Well, it may happen that you might forget your password or username; well in that case you would need to have your router or your ADSL modem reset. You can also look for some of the default passwords. If that doesn’t work then you will have to go for resetting your router. There is a hidden button in the modern routers that you need to look for and then press it for 15 odd seconds. You can use a toothpick for the pressing. Then after your modem would be restored to the factory settings.

During the undergoing of the reset process, you might lose your connection. You can look into your router’s user manual and follow the guide.


The router is a charm in today’s world of the network. It is a network device that helps you to connect two computer’s network. The Internet has become one of the necessities and we can’t even imagine one day without our network connection. In-home networking scenario a router connects your home computer network to the network of the internet service provider. All of our work needs to be completed on the internet nowadays. Hopefully, this article was helpful to you and was of worth something. Most of the things have been covered within this article and have been elaborated where it needs to be!